Why Real Men Join Martial Arts

That headline might have caught your attention so let me explain our definition of REAL MEN. Real men are responsible. They are fathers, husbands, business professionals, even grand fathers. They are the men in society that people count on. They count on you for food, shelter, comfort and… they count on you for safety. They expect YOU to be the one to step in front to deal with a knife wielding whacko who is trying to rob you and your family on your way back to the car after a movie or dinner out. Are YOU prepared to defend them?

Who We Are: My name is Richard Hackworth and I run a worldwide organization that teaches real world self defense to Real Men. I don’t teach sports fighting and I don’t teach sport fighters. If you are looking for some kind of “Fight Club” or MMA for college aged testosterone junkies who want to beat people up and show off tattoos that they paid for by not paying their child support then move along. This isn’t the place for you. But if you are a real man, with real obligations and family responsibilities who wants to be able to protect himself and his loved ones from those people in the world that would harm you and your family for personal gain or amusement, then you should give us a try. You’ll be glad that you did!

What We Do: We teach the self defense martial art of Hapkido. It is a Korean military art that specializes in defense against weapons, how to defend against multiple attackers and even what to do when a gun is stuck in your face. We use the same training curriculum that is used by the US Secret Service, F.B.I., C.I.A., D.E.A. and special Elite Military and Police Units. What we teach isn’t theory. We leave theory to college professors. Our instructors have real world self defense experience as Soldiers, Law Enforcement, and even professionals who have faced muggers and robbers in the street and made it home safe to their family to be able to talk about it.

When and Where Do We Meet: Class times and days vary from location to location. To find the best class time for you contact the location in your area.

  • Chattanooga, TN Ph: 423-710-3206
  • Conyers, GA Ph: 917-929-0078
  • Hendersonville, NC Ph: 838-388-0635
  • Orlando Ph: 407-923-5269
  • Ocoee / Winter Garden, FL Ph: 321-443-8077

Why Do We Specialize In Training Men: Society seems to have forgotten what characteristics make up a real man. We haven’t! Watch any TV show today and you will see the American father portrayed as some bumbling idiot who is lead by his kids and wife.  In spite of how much the media disrespects and pokes fun at men the truth is we are the defenders, protectors and providers for our families. Real men take those responsibilities seriously.  We provide a place where they can take action to learn the skills needed to do just that. Protect and provide for their families. Because if something happens to you… what will happen to your family? President Obama has over 4,000 Secret Service Agents watching guard over him. What does the government do to protect our families? Who is assigned to watch over them? YOU are, that’s who!

How Do You Join: Contact any of the locations below to schedule your enrollment meeting with one of our professional instructors located near you.

  • Chattanooga, TN Ph: 423-710-3206
  • Conyers, GA Ph: 917-929-0078
  • Hendersonville, NC Ph: 838-388-0635
  • Orlando Ph: 407-923-5269
  • Ocoee / Winter Garden, FL Ph: 321-443-8077

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