Martial Arts For Men

September 27, 2011

Welcome to Martial Arts for Men. The world’s first website dedicated to the needs of Real Men. Sponsored by World Martial Arts Media and the Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan.

So lets take a little time to talk about WHO and WHAT real men are. Real men are fathers, grand fathers, husbands and more. They are the people who are the protectors and providers of the families in our society.

At the Self Defense Training for Real Men locations our vision is a welcoming center where our students set aside worries and responsibilities of their busy daily lives to focus on taking care of their mind, body and spirit. Don’t worry. This isn’t that violent MMA stuff that you see on TV. This is traditional martial arts where people respect each other and everyone is there to help. Everyone leaves their Ego at the door.

We offer the following classes:

Hapkido: The Korean Art of Self Defense Haemukwan Hapkido for adults is a system comprised of techniques from Hapkido. The exact same Hapkido program that is taught to the US Secret Service, FBI, CIA, DEA and Special
Military and Police Units. Don’t be fooled by our imitators. We are the ONLY class in this area licensed to teach this program. Protecting yourself and your family is your duty.

Teaching you how to do it is our business. Effective personal protection and real world self defense skills is what you get from our classes. Plus physical fitness and mental strength…give yourself  the edge. Learn Hapkido!

In addition to learning highly effective means of self defense, you will also get yourself in incredible physical shape. You will improve your confidence, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, all in a fun, challenging and exciting format designed especially for adults. As a means of achieving total physical fitness, controlling weight, relieving stress or adding an exciting new dimension to your life, training in our academy offers you a safe, professional environment for achieving your goals. No matter what shape you are in, we have a class for you!

Other Services: Private Sessions
“Nothing beats a one-on-one class with an experienced teacher”. Private sessions are all about you and your goals. Here’s your chance to pick the brain of someone who has already been where you are going. Just you and your teacher refining your technique to get to your goal.